My Platform

."Worst to First" Initiative 

  • Review the town records and create a true priority list of all Town road resurfacing projects and publish the list on the Town of Brookhaven web page.

  • You’ll know when your roads will be repaired without having to call the Town and hear the dreaded "your road is on the priority list."

Council District Town Halls

  • I will keep constituents informed of any and all paving projects with the relevant financials of each project for transparency through letters, emails, and "Open Highway" Town Halls in each council district with your representative. 

Rapid Response Teams for schools and main roads

  • reallocate resources for projects that need fast repair for safety purposes. Trees in danger of hitting homes and/or pothole repair near schools and main roads are a priority and should be allocated a response team as these are safety issues.

End the “Election Cycle” Paving practice

  • No more election year paving projects that are making our roads worse from neglect. Road resurfacing goes beyond the election cycle and it is time to take politics out of pothole repair.

Quality Control Inspections

  • As a resident, I am tired of a pothole being filled only to drive over it three days later. I will be out in the field pulling work orders and ensuring the job gets done right the FIRST TIME. 

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