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Endorsement by the Communication Workers of America Local 1108!

I have received the endorsement of the Communication Workers of America Local 1108. This endorsement carries special weight to me as not only is my Uncle Jimmy an active member, but I have walked pickets for them in New York City in 2012 when they were out on strike.

I have always been a proud supporter of the labor movement because it is my position that they have always been a beacon of hope for the Middle Class. My father was a Teamster for many years and I myself to this day am still a proud UFCW Local 1500 member. Becoming an attorney would not have been possible without my union membership and that is why I am always sympathetic to the labor movement. I would not be where I am today without them.

I stand arm in arm with the members of CWA Local 1108 and I look forward to advocating on your behalf, not only to ensure that we have more competition for cable and phone, but a particular concern to me are the "double poles" that present not only a hazard to CWA members, but also the community. We need to take affirmative steps to ensure that these eyesores are eliminated in our community as it is an important safety issue.


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