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A Better Brookhaven For Everyone

I have spent the past six months knocking on doors from Centereach to Center Moriches, from Coram to Shoreham and I am firmly committed to making changes to make Brookhaven a better place to live for everyone.

I have lived in this town for 31 years and I became involved in this race because I think we can do better and I think that you deserve better from the Highway Department.

If you have ever hit a pothole and popped a tire, you understand. If you have ever called the Town about a tree in the public right of way that is about to fall over, you understand. If you have ever called the Highway Department to ask when your road will be resurfaced, only to be told you are "on the list", you understand.

It's expensive to live on Long Island and many families work two jobs just to make ends meet. Therefore, when you have free time, you shouldn't have to waste it by clamoring for services that you already pay for and expect.

That is my goal for the Highway Department. To improve communication with all 491,000 of my bosses, if you elect me in two weeks. I will also reform and revamp the way we resurface roads here in Brookhaven with my "Worst to First" Initiative. Leadership requires communication and new ideas and that's what you will get with Anthony R. Portesy as your next Highway Superintendent. Vote Line A on November 7th and let's Better Brookhaven together!


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