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Who is the Highway Superintendent and Why Should I Care?

Ever wonder why the snowplow comes through and clears a skinny path down the middle of your street instead of clearing the road "curb-to-curb"? Remember that pothole that almost bent your rim? Well, I do because I drove over the same one! How about the knee high ugly grass in the median, or the road you hydroplane on every time it storms because it floods and no one seems to notice?

Most people have no idea what the Superintendent of Highways does. However they become very engaged (or enraged) once they gain a full understanding of the position and see how it can affect their everyday lives.

We started the "Better Brookhaven" movement in Brookhaven that was the subject of a News 12 story that led to the repaving of a wide swath of roads near Newfield High School! I ran for one reason only: to make a difference in the community I grew up in. That drive didn't end at the ballot box in 2017.

I am sick and tired of our roads looking like they belong in Baghdad instead of Brookhaven. We have the third largest Highway Department in the State of New York and it is run like it is a "mom and pop" operation.

My "Worst To First" Initiative along with a catalog system for every single repair in Brookhaven will solve many of the issues in our Town and this November, we will make the changes we need to see in Brookhaven.


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