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Fun Facts About the Brookhaven Highway Department: What is the Landing Craft Mechanized Mark 6?

Did you know the Town of Brookhaven Highway Department has a military vessel? Yes, it is called the Landing Craft Mechanized Mark 6. The Landing Craft Mechanized Mark 6 is an ex-military steel vessel used often by the department to transport heavy equipment — such as backhoes, dump trucks and Bobcat bulldozers — and personnel to communities on Fire Island for emergency and maintenance services. The Landing Craft Mechanized Mark 6 is over 56 feet long and weights a whopping 68,000 pounds!

Did you know under state regulations, the boardwalks of Fire Island are under the jurisdiction of the Brookhaven Town Highway Department? The Highway Department is entrusted with maintaining the boardwalks we take for granted during our visits.

The hardworking members of the Highway Department need heavy machinery to maintain and repair the boardwalks and sidewalks after heavy storms and bad winters.

The Town is currently bidding to replace the current model with a much newer and more efficient model that will allow more voyages and more repairs in the Fire Island towns Ocean Beach, Cherry Grove and Davis Park. With unpredictable weather patterns, we must ensure that the Highway Department has all the tools at its disposal to do the job to maintain and repair our infrastructure.


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