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Fun Facts of the Brookhaven Highway Department Part II: The Brookhaven Highway Sign Department

DId you know the Town of Brookhaven has its own "street sign" shop? Yes, it is much cheaper for the Town to make the signs in house because there are nearly 20,000 street name signs and 11,000 stop signs across the Town of Brookhaven. Each year, the Brookhaven Highway Department replaces nearly 3,000 street signs and 1,300 stop signs. By law, the Town can only create signs in adherence with the MUTCD (Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices) traffic standards.

In a Township as large as ours, it is imperative that we have new vibrant street signs to alert motorists and residents about road and street conditions. This is of particular importance in some of the more rural and wooded areas of town where there is not ample street lighting.

One of my goals if I'm elected Highway Superintendent is to revamp the process for signage throughout the town. I want to ensure that old signs are replaced on a regular schedule, similar to how I want to catalogue road reconstruction.

The "wait for a problem" and "hunt and peck" method of road repair and sign repair used by the current Highway Superintendent is more suited for the towns in upstate New York than in Brookhaven, the third largest Highway Department in the State of New York.

Here is a sign within our township that I stumbled across on Sunday in Holtsville. We deserve better Brookhaven and in 2019, I hope to have your support as we "Take Back Brookhaven."


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