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The TRIM Initiative: Maintaining Visibility on Brookhaven Roads

One of the most frustrating things in Brookhaven Town is overgrown shrubbery that limits visibility. It’s not just frustrating, it is also dangerous! Drive around and you’ll find many dangerous curves where trees limit visibility. There is also substantial overgrowth in the drainage basins that leads to stagnant water, ticks that carry Lyme disease and the newer Powassan virus, and of course mosquitoes, some of which carry the dangerous “West Nile Virus.” Anyone with small children knows the dangers this mosquito virus can bring. We need to prepare our drainage basins for the advent of climate change and we need solutions that fix the problem and it’s not just spraying dangerous pesticides that are putting our aquifers at risk.

Back in 2017, my opponent stated that he had a comprehensive plan to address the issue, but here we are two years later and the same problem plagues our neighborhoods. I have a solution, I call it the “Tree Removal Interactive Management” or "TRIM" initiative.

My TRIM Initiative is part of my Brookhaven 2030 vision and involves creation an interactive map of the over 1,100 drainage basins in the Town of Brookhaven along with an interactive map of all main thoroughfares in the Town of Brookhaven that have tree and shrub overgrowth. The TRIM initiative is a three year plan to address the excess foliage and shrubbery overgrowth. By cataloging the system, we can ensure that all square miles of the Town are hit in a systematic and continuous manner without leaving eyesores of half chopped trees along our roads that erodes the beautiful landscapes that we have become accustomed to. You pay alot of taxes to live on Long Island and you deserve the very best.

My goal is to revamp the way the Highway Department operates so that we can address issues BEFORE they develop, rather than being a “fix problems as they come” that the current Highway Superintendent employs.

The TRIM initiative is just one of the many plans I have to address voter concerns about the lack of constituent service by the current Highway Superintendent. You'll always have my attention for all of our projects if you elect me as your Highway Superintendent.

The “Battle for A Better Brookhaven” is one election away. Vote Anthony Portesy for Brookhaven Highway Superintendent on Tuesday November 5th, 2019.


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